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United Way Grant Scholarship Guidelines

William Penn Center has a limited number of scholarships that have been provided through a United Way Grant. In order to qualify, your family must first apply for financial aid at 215-348-1283 for eligibility and placement. If you do not meet the financial guidelines, you may still qualify for a United Way scholarship if you meet the following guidelines, or if there are extenuating circumstances. Please refer to the chart below for United Way income financial guidelines.

Family Size
Income Limit

Parents are required to work a minimum of 20 hours per week to qualify for a scholarship unless extenuating circumstances are documented.

Documentation of income for a United Way scholarship is required to support your eligibility through William Penn Center criteria. Documentation must include:

  1. A letter describing your family situation, and what you hope your child will gain from enrollment in a William Penn Center program. Please document any special circumstances that William Penn Center should consider.
  2. Copies of four (4) current consecutive pay stubs to document your income from employment at the time of eligibility. If you are starting a new job, a letter from employer that includes start date, hourly wage and number of hours per week or, last year's W-2 forms.
  3. All households are required to submit a copy of the court order for child support if child support is being received for any member of the house.
  4. Documentation of any additional income such as Social Security or pensions, alimony you receive or pay out, and medical expenses that you paid during the last 90 days that were not covered by medical insurance.

The following are requirements of United Way Scholarship recipients:

  1. The William Penn Center must be notified of any changes in hours worked, increase or decrease of income, change of family size, change of address/phone number, or if lay off or termination from employment occurs.
  2. Co-payment of tuition must be paid on time. Failure to do so will result in disenrollment of your child and termination of scholarship.
  3. All families must re-qualify for scholarships periodically.

The William Penn Center reserves the right to waive any of the above guidelines if we feel it ís in the best interest of the child.

All requests for financial aid will be reviewed to determine eligibility. If you think that your family may qualify for financial aid, please contact the Business Office at 215-295-8154.


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